Start the Day Solid

The most important meal of the day…breakfast is the meal that fuels the brain and body work for the morning and starts the momentum of the day yet the majority of food marketed for breakfast does quite the opposite. Being informed of what the best foods and worst foods for your kids can be the difference between rough starts and solid starts.

92% of cold cereals marketed to children have added sugars, most of them having different kinds listed including high fructose corn syrup and dextrose

-the majority have dyes and colors in addition to sweeteners

Research shows that these additives, sweetners and dyes impact children’s brain and body.


When looking for cereals, chose whole grain options without colors or additives and check label for less than 8 grams per serving of sugar. These will give the fiber and grains needed for nutrition yet not give sugar shots of energy then a big let down by mid morning.

Stick with protein- protein is slow burning and gives you energy throughout the morning

Eggs-make boiled eggs ahead of time for a quick grab


Peanut butter/Nuts


Whole Grain-breads/granola  that are whole grain take more time for the body to break down therefore working like protein by burning slowly and releasing energy for the AM. Even pancakes and waffles can be made ahead with whole wheat flour and heated to provide a quick breakfast, add a nut butter for added substance.

Hot Cereal:
Oatmeal and other hot cereals provide whole grains that are slow burning especially when fresh fruit or nuts are added.

Fresh Fruits:
Yogurt is a probiotic with protein and fresh fruit give vitamins and nutrients to fight off germs .

Being thoughtful about breakfast and providing a solid foundation helps children start out the day feeling full, in control and able to tackle the day with all its fun and challenges.

By Tiffany Madsen