ECFE & School Readiness

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ECFE’s Mission:

  • We believe that the home is the child’s first learning environment
  • We know that parents are their child’s first and most important teacher
  • We provide licensed Early Childhood & Parent Educators to support families

ECFE is:

  • A place for children to play and learn
  • An opportunity to spend quality time with your child
  • A time for you to connect with other families
  • A place for YOU, the parent, to talk with other parents who share your concerns

ECFE is for:

  • All families with children ages birth to five.
  • EVERYBODY – there are no income guidelines. There is a small fee for classes based on a sliding fee scale.
  • Learning: classes are divided into three parts:
    • Parent/Child Interaction – parents spend time playing with their children. Our child-friendly classrooms offer exciting activities designed with young children in mind.
    • Parent Time – an opportunity to spend time with other parents in a guided discussion group. The support and encouragement that parents receive from each other makes this time so popular.
    • Child Time – during parent discussion time, children are in the classroom enjoying a healthy snack, engaging in cooperative play, and gaining independent skills.

Our goal is to support parents and promote the healthy growth of their children. “Come for your child but stay for yourself!”

School Readiness Mission:

  • We believe that all children deserve to enter Kindergarten ready to succeed
  • We partner with parents to help preschoolers enter school with the skills and
    behaviors necessary to be successful in future learning
  • We provide licensed Early Childhood Teachers to support children’s development

School Readiness is:

  • A positive preschool experience
  • A chance to play, have fun, and learn from hands-on activities
  • A public school program funded by the state of Minnesota

School Readiness is for:

  • Children ages 3 to Kindergarten entrance
  • Any family – there are no income or risk factor guidelines. There is a small fee for
    classes based on a sliding fee scale.
  • Learning:
    1. problem solving and social skills
    2. literacy development
    3. pre-writing skills
    4. large motor skills
    5. concepts, colors, counting, and numbers


Families can choose from a menu of:

  1. blended preschool in the school system
  2. half-day to full day programming ranges
  3. classes with or without your child – as much involvement as you would like
  4. family fun events
  5. parent education

Our goal is to collaborate with other early childhood programs so we can coordinate services to meet the individual needs of your child.